Our Story

Gabriel John Candles is a boutique candle company that started as a conversation one summer evening in 2009, after a little challenge from my partner and sisters questioning my creative ability……

After much experimenting, studying, and dedication, I poured my first candles in my home kitchen in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago, IL.  Thus, my company was born and a point was proven.  The goal I had  was to create candle lines that were both simple and luxurious while capturing the Artisan touch. It was important to me that if I wanted to find my niche in this market, I needed to add a piece of my personality…..giving each candle its personal touch.

As a candle connoisseur with a background in the health care industry, I stated my company with the desire to create candles that aren’t only beautiful, but free of unnecessary and harmful additives.  Call them “naked”, it only adds a sexiness yet touched with classiness.

Each candle is hand-crafted from start to finish in the artisanal tradition using only select quality ingredients that are both kind to the environment and kind to our health. I believe that green, Eco-friendly products and beautiful design go hand-in-hand.